These spaces are made to help you feel more love within you, discover who you are, let go of old stories that are no longer serving you and help you live life with more direction from your heart.

Follow your heart because your heart doesn't lead you anywhere that won't work out for you.

It may not always turn out exactly what you had in mind but I bet it's even better than you imagined.

Hey beautiful soul, I'm Sharnelle and I honestly love to be a hype Queen - the friend who's there to support anyone in fulfilling their dreams. The friend who listens without judgment when things are feeling tough. I'm the friend who brings light when you feel stuck. I'm here to guide and support, always.

I know I have now found true purpose in helping people by sharing the modalities that have helped me deeply through love and transformation. Along with my intuitive gifts I struggle to know how to explain I am a Reiki Master and have certifications in Transformational Healing, Conscious Connected (Holotropic) Breathwork, Therapeutic Sound Healing. These healing modalities have created the most life changing expansion in my life and I feel honoured to share them with you to allow some beautiful loving shifts to take place.



“WOW WOW WOW!!!!!! What an incredible experience! I have never done anything like this before and feel so grateful for Sharnelle's incredible talent guiding me through this amazing breathwork journey! I had a complete outer body experience and after the session felt like I had released the last of old traumas and self doubts. As a result I now walk through my days much more confidence. I would 100% recommend you stop hesitating and book in your session. You will not regret it.”