[soul-o-pre-neur] noun,

  1. A solo entrepreneur doing their souls work helping other souls.
  2. A beautiful person who taps into their unique gifts and shares that medicine with the world.
  3. Living as your authentic self, in every capacity - standing in alignment with your purpose while being paid for what you are here to do on this earth.

When was the last time you prioritised a little YOU TIME!?

Fact - when you gift yourself time to "fill your cup" the rest of life flows so much easier.

Gifting yourself time, to re-align with your magic and power actually saves time and creates space for more inspiration and creativity to flow. The ripples you create from this space within you are simply just the bonus that keeps on giving.

  • Are you ready to meet your soul tribe who love and support you unconditionally?
  • Do you love supporting your heart, mind, body and soul?
  • Are you sick of hiding behind your desk, screens and maybe doubt for too long?
  • Do you wish to feel less alone in your work?
  • Do you crave space to find creativity & inspiration?
  • Do you wish to connect with like minded people to help support you in business?
  • Do you wish to connect deeper with yourself and your offerings?
  • Would you benefit from giving yourself space to give back to you and re-fuel?

"Sharnelle is such a gift to this world. A wonderful spaceholder and awesome at bringing powerful people together.I have gained so much confidence from being in her spaces. She truly brings the feel of unity in community.

Her spaces are safe and welcome all of your humanness. The sense of belonging and oneness left me feeling so supported. She also is a great encourager, sharing her light but also pulls you up on your excuses to keep you accountable.

I appreciate being in her energy and know that a lot of my growth has happened thanks to her love and support! I highly recommend spending time with this powerhouse of a woman!"

-Imke Kauta

Did you say yes to any of these!!??

If so, it is time for you to join a mastermind with other individuals you admire. Get out there and meet some other likeminded humans! Face to face!!

Join myself and 6 other amazing souloprenures to dive into your celebrations and challenges, up-level your energetics and drop deeper into your discovery of what you're here to do and WHY!!!


  • Activating mediations
  • Sound Healing
  • Conscious Connected Breathwork
  • Connection
  • Inspiration
  • A hype team
  • Support
  • An aligned tribe





Hey, if you don't know me already my name is Sharnelle,

My dream is for you to see your true potential and take action in your soul aligned business to see, create and feel your own success! I'm not here claiming to be your one stop shop, fix everything guru but the space holder who's felt it, seen it, heard it, experienced it and will love you through it all. I'm the activator that will allow you to see just how magic you are and encourage you to step out of your comfort zone into your true potential.

I have 2 boys ages 5 & 7, a husband, a dog who you will certainly get to meet AND a business that I love just as much as all of the above - capturing content photography for soulopreneurs, mentoring photographers and holding sound, breathwork and reiki healings (they're not always put into one).

When starting business at 21, I suffered from the sabotage of imposter syndrome and sticking in my own little “safe”cave behind the screen did not help me!

In my self-development journey I really built my own self worth and felt the depths of community over competition. Spaces that can safely hold  vulnerably have been so transformational of my life personal and within business. I look forward to you receiving the magic of this.

From holding retreats, workshops and group spaces - I’ve got you!

I'm super excited to have you join!!

All questions are welcome.

Limited to only 6 spaces.

The Schedule

9.30am - 11.30am Monday, Welcome Bay:

Week 1 - Oct 16 - Connect.

Week 2 - Oct 30 - Finding clarity deepening your why.

Week 3 - Nov 06 - Align to your vision and who you get to be in business.

Week 4 - Nov 13 - Release doubts and limiting beliefs.

Week 5 - Nov 20 - Connecting deeper into your energy, essence and power.

Week 6 - Nov 27 - Celebrating your magic and gifts.

(you do not have to be able to attend every catchup to join. Sometimes life happens and it is totally fine if you can't make it to a session - you will be supported and loved throughout).

$333 - for a limited time.

only an investment you won't regret.

Follow your heart - Your dreams are worth investing your time into.

"Together We Rise was the best investment I’ve made in my business and myself. I was feeling alone and overwhelmed finding my way on my own as a first time business owner, but by joining this group I’ve found friends, business and life guidance and support.

Our conversations, breathwork and sound healing nourished my heart and soul, and I’ve felt more confident in forging my way with my business.

I feel like I will always have this sisterhood to lean into when I need it, and also to celebrate my wins with! We all speak the same language (and it’s not about our tax returns!!)

Thank you Sharnelle for holding this space, you always intuitively know what is needed in the group and your wisdom and ability to hold the space is the golden thread that binds us. I wholeheartedly recommend Together We Rise to any heart-led woman in business 💖"

-Love Rachel Murphy Shiatsu

Kind Words

"I have recently joined the Together We Rise businesses group. I absolutely love being part of this co-creation/ community.

Sharnelle has created such a beautiful, fun, supportive, safe environment for us all to share.

I have so much gratitude for this little bubble of light her energy is contagious. We are all vibrating at a higher frequency by the time our meeting comes to a close.

Thank you Sharnelle, you are doing great things with your life and you are very, very, very much appreciated 🙏🏽"

-Tess, Little Yin

"Such a beautiful space with likeminded souls, facilitated by the most open, loving and supportive woman."

-Love Kathy, Nature Library

"Sharnelle held such a warm space for us to feel heard and nurtured from what sometimes feels like a lonely place when you're doing business as a one gal band!

These were not only some much needed me time but also the space to relax from the outside world and let ideas and messages pop in if they chose too.

I felt calm in the place it was held, got lead through some new experiences and not to mention some deeply gentle connections were made with the other amazing attuned women.

Thank you"

-Love Asheka, Sol Rising Offerings

"It's a beautiful group of soul-connected sisters where you get to come along and bring your whole self."

-Charli McLachlan, Emotional Strength and Trauma Coach

Hey beautiful soul, I'm Sharnelle and I honestly love to be a hype Queen - the friend who's there to support anyone in fulfilling their dreams. The friend who listens without judgment when things are feeling tough. I'm the friend who brings light when you feel stuck. I'm here to guide and support, always.

I know I have now found true purpose in helping people by sharing the modalities that have helped me deeply through love and transformation. Along with my intuitive gifts I struggle to know how to explain I have certifications in Reiki level 1, 2 & 3, Conscious Connected (Holotropic) Breathwork and Level 1 in Therapeutic Sound Healing. These have created the most life changing expansion in my life and I feel honoured to share them with you to allow some beautiful loving shifts to take place.