Have confidence, feel comfortable, enjoy the process and let Sharnelle take care of the rest.


“As a fellow energy worker of 20 years I really appreciate when another can hold space and facilitate deep, restorative change.
Sharnelle achieves this.
She was born to do what she does.
If you're looking for a kind, super supportive facilitating assistance on your healing or up levelling journey, a session with Sharnelle is a great space to visit.”

“WOW WOW WOW!!!!!! What an incredible experience! I have never done anything like this before and feel so grateful for Sharnelle's incredible talent guiding me through this amazing breathwork journey! I had a complete outer body experience and after the session felt like I had released the last of old traumas and self doubts. As a result I now walk through my days much more confidence. I would 100% recommend you stop hesitating and book in your session. You will not regret it.”

“It's difficult to really put into words what happened during and after my session with Sharnelle. She conducted the session in a way that made me feel so comfortable, held and safe.
I instantly felt calm and relaxed going into the session. She asked questions and guided me in a way which forced me to dig deep and really bring up what was going on for me.
The whole experience was transformative and I have had some major breakthroughs since leaving her room 3 weeks ago! Sharnelle is truly gifted.”

“Sharnelle is an awesome mentor!
She is gifted with a beautiful way of opening your eyes to your true potential. She is able to pinpoint what is holding you back, bringing awareness to limiting beliefs and working through them. Making you realise that all you need is within you already. She is the biggest cheerleader. She wants to see you win. She has beautiful encouraging words to lift you up when self-doubt is trying to keep you small. My confidence is growing constantly since connecting with her.”

“My experience with Sharnelle came in the perfect timing. I was feeling grief over the changes happening in my life and felt confused about what path to take moving forward.
Her session allowed me access deep levels of bliss and clarity in my path moving forward. I have felt so much clearer and lighter since.
Highly recommend”

“I’m so blessed to have been guided by Sharnelle and her magic breathwork journey. I always feel so comfortable around her.
Before my breathwork session with Sharnelle. I was feeling very overwhelmed with life and the to do list. After speaking with Sharnelle at the start, I could already feel the shift in myself and perspective.
She’s so beautiful and makes you feel so safe. She is with you each step of the way supporting and guiding you. After the session I felt so so relaxed and calm, complete jelly.”

“I reached out to Sharnelle about doing a Reiki session. It is something I've often thought of doing but never
got round to actually doing it.
I had the most magical experience with Sharnelle I even fell asleep while
listening to her gorgeous sound bowls. Since doing Reiki I have felt amazing, light & clear.
Thank you Sharnelle for providing such a light, safe & wonderful space for me. I can't wait for our next session.”

“Mentoring with Sharnelle has done amazing things for my business, my mindset, my fear, creativity, motivation, self-esteem and self-confidence. I finally feel like I'm on the right path, and I'm not alone finding my way in the dark.
I have had an amazing experience with Sharnelle it's been so nice to take time to learn and grow. This is the best thing I could have done for my business, totally worth the investment. I can't Thank Sharnelle enough for all that she has done, and I highly recommend her.”

“Sharnelle is an amazing facilitator and it felt just like I was talking with a friend. I felt super comfortable and safe to be vulnerable + am glad I got to experience reiki with her.”

“Sharnelle is an incredible guide, an amazing woman with a huge heart who will show you the you, that you might not have met yet but who is longing to be remembered.
I can't thank Sharnelle enough for sharing her magic with me and allowing me to experience my own magic at the same time.
If you have the opportunity to participate in a SLE session with Sharnelle, I highly encourage you to allow yourself to take this journey, allow any resistance to guide you to what could be on the other side for you.”

“I had a potent journey with Sharnelle. I felt physical movement and release of some energy that I didn't need anymore. I received important insights into current life, as well as my steps forward.
I felt calm, connected, supported and expansive.
Thank you so much for the space you hold, sweet soul xx”

“The sound and breathwork treatment I received from Sharnelle was an intense, magical experience. Sharnelle explained everything clearly, making me feel comfortable and excited to try something new. Throughout the session I felt supported and safe. Sharnelle guided me gently through the session which at times felt very surreal. I ended the session feeling energised but light. The days following the session, I felt calmer and able to journey through each day with a lighter presence.”