Hi, Sharnelle here. I'm a lover of sunflowers. Just one of the reasons I love them other than their pretty looks is because they help remove toxins from soil, cleaning it to help other things grow in a nicer environment. If you're a deep thinker like me you might relate that to many different things.

Honestly, I feel I had lived most of my life living inside a box just wanting it get it all right, make people proud and be "successful" (now my personal idea of success is very different). Years ago I woke up one day and decided I didn't want to keep living life feeling this way - feeling not good enough, full of imposter syndrome and lacked belonging. I really had no idea who I was so I took a big scary leap and I hired a self-love coach and that's where everything changed. It's really how I got here, doing what I do now. Understanding myself changed my whole world. I became a better wife (to my husband Matt) a better Mother to my two darling boys (Ollie and Arlo), my business went from strength to strength and I stopped allowing fear to control how I lived my life.

This year (2022) we sold our "dream home", put everything in storage, left my successful business and went travelling for 9 months - experiencing a whole new life in a number of countries and cultures. Learning a lot!

I had been a photographer for 13 years capturing many genres as it had been the most amazing career that's followed me and my life (weddings, families, branding, self-love portraits). And now I'm blessed to help other photographers grow while making the camera and editing life more of a hobby.

I know I have now found true purpose in helping people by sharing the modalities that have helped me deeply through love and transformation. Along with my intuitive gifts I struggle to know how to explain I have certifications in Reiki level 1, 2 & 3, Conscious Connected (Holotropic) Breathwork and Level 1 in Therapeutic Sound Healing.

I have a very relaxed nature which helps people feel at ease with me. I feel most content in open spaces be it the beach, out on the farm or climbing mountains. This feels very condensed but honestly I really just want to use this space to say thank you for taking an interest in me and my work! I’d love to hear from you.