1:1 mentoring to build confidence, find clarity in what makes you unique in this industry and empower self belief that you are good enough to be successful!

If you are feeling stuck in the next steps to understanding your value and making your photography dream a career I would absolutely LOVE to help you with your confidence share my tips and tricks and help you overcome any fears or limiting beliefs that you're not good enough to be successful in your dream job.

Lets have FUN doing it!

“Mentoring with Sharnelle has done amazing things for my business, my mindset, my fear, creativity, motivation, self-esteem and self-confidence. I finally feel like I'm on the right path and I'm not alone finding my way in the dark.”

Let's take it slow. Let's get to know YOU. Let's build on what makes you unique. So, when someone is looking for a photographer you trust you are the best person for them.

This program is structured into three parts over six weeks to work on different areas and integrate everything we've learnt to keep you moving forward with direction that feels easy.

Discovering your you!

Session one: This is a great place to find more direction to know where you are going and what things you can do to keep moving forward. Let's talk. What's working, what's not working, what's holding you back? This is a discovery session to talk all about where you are and how I can help you to keep moving forward.

We will create some foundations for your content. Ground in some new beliefs and let go of anything that's stopping this higher version of you to SHINE!

We will also talk about session two, about communication with our clients, our session with them and how you learn best.

Location, Camera, Action!

Session two: YAY!! This might be my favourite!

The photo session. This is where we get to feel the true confidence from behind the camera. See and feel the process from start to finish capturing a photo session with real clients.

We might experience things not going our way and how we can move through it and turn it into something that works. I will give direction and talk through the process. Help you with tips to help people feel relaxed. You will also leave with a bunch of photos you'll be excited to load onto your computer and start editing!! WOOHOO - content!

Feeling you shine!

Session three: Lots will be coming up for you here, you'll be grounding in everything from the last two sessions. Let's call this the power round - a time to work through any other scenarios you might have on your mind.

We will run through everything we have learnt and really set everything in stone so you feel like you have direction, a plan and the confidence to communicate and direct sessions for those 5 star reviews and amazing photos.

Over these 6 weeks you have access to ask me any questions via a 1:1 voxer chat. We will go deep in working where you can make shifts to allow more work to come in. You will feel more confident in your processes from the moment a client makes contact all that way through to the end of your service allowing your "uniqueness" to shine - you'll be remembered and recommended not only for great photography but also for who you are. This mentoring is working on the inner you - the you who shows up and stands behind the camera knowing he/she is GREAT! You know you deserve all the success in the world and you trust every session is working out for you.

Are you feeling ready to invest in you, feel inspired, invest in your business and see growth!?

For a short amount of time I will be offering this mentoring program for just


Wanting a one off 1:1 session?

YES! Let's do it!

So a big part of my story in business is being a photographer for 13 years - for about 9 of those (I hid) I suffered hugely from imposter syndrome. Feeling shy/out of place meeting other photographers, not understanding my value in the industry and comparing my work to others so much that I never felt good enough. I was getting work and loving my clients but honestly deep down felt my clients could have found someone better - for this reason I would pride myself on my low affordable prices.

One thing I learnt is the more I invested in myself the more opportunities I found to earn money and believe I was worth it! The money spent always came back. I worked on myself so much that it allowed these limiting feelings to melt away. I developed amazing confidence and strength within my photography and found success. I was no longer considered "cheap" and I believed in the art I was sharing with others. I could finally accept the amazing reviews I was receiving about my work. Finally, I found value in MYSELF, my art and my service. As a photographer capturing sessions and building amazing supportive client relationships were some of my favourite things!

My desire to help people see the best in themselves and live their dreams has overcome my love for capturing people in love and it is more helping people BE LOVE.

My mission is to help people find more clarity in their life, to help them understand and love their whole selves so much that boundaries and direction feels easy. To build a strong loving community of support where people are able to connect and share love, stories, and modalities to help one another. You are never alone in this! Check out the workshop spaces I've held and join the Facebook community.

Better Together Photographers Community

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"Sharnelle is an awesome photographer mentor!

She is gifted with a beautiful way of opening your eyes to your true potential.

She is able to pinpoint what is holding you back, bringing awareness to limiting beliefs and working through them. Making you realise that all you need is within you already. She is the biggest cheerleader. She wants to see you win. She has beautiful encouraging words to lift you up when self-doubt is trying to keep you small. My confidence is growing constantly since connecting with her. Sharnelle is giving you a sneak peak into what it feels like to be your highest self, your limitless version of you. Working along side her gives you trust in yourself, belief in yourself and the opportunity to really live your life to the fullest. Becoming the photographer, you are dreaming of being. She really makes your dreams come true. Her advice is priceless. Her love for your passion is deeply felt. Her passion for photography shines through everything she creates. She is the queen of Creation. She has the confidence to do what she loves and her overflowing cup of love and passion is all you need to become the best photographer. Her years of experience gives her wisdom and also the compassion to understand what it is like to start fresh. She has been there too - she really gets it. She is empathetic and can really hold space for you when struggling. She has the tools you need to overcome fear. She shows you the way of courage and self-belief!

I am so deeply grateful for everything Sharnelle does. Grateful for her advice, her gentle pushing me to believe in myself, her love and passion for photography. I am deeply grateful for the inspiration and wisdom I have gained from connecting with her."


(A client who is now a lifetime friend and no I didn't pay her to write this hehe)