Here it is, a space for ALL photographers. - it does not matter where you are into your photography business, you might feel like you're in the know with a lot OR if you're like me you've often felt like you didn't know anything at all and felt stuck in a world of comparison.

This space is all about building community and supporting each other, recognising your strengths and learning to see yourself and your work through admiring eyes. We can bring awareness to our belief systems and realise just how amazing we all are and stop sitting in allowing our comfort zones to hold us still. While you're there, you might realise your worth and recognise the power of your art you create.

This is a space where we all feel like we belong, a space where we are all equal and by lifting ourselves and each other you will discover your knowledge, the value in YOUR work and what YOU do, because guess what!?


Just in case you didn't know, I'm Sharnelle and I had been a photographer now for 13 years and for a seriously LOOONNNG time... (I hid)! I never felt good enough and I would get stuck in the comparison trap big time (sometimes I still do - we are human)! I was out there doing my thing and loving it but I also held myself back from realising my potential and my place here in the photography community.

Fast Forward 13 years and in this time I have learnt and experienced a lot. I now no longer hold myself back from making my dreams come true in this industry and I no longer listen to my self criticising thoughts - I'd love to help you do the same.

SO here we are, community over competition - we are BETTER TOGETHER!!! cheeeeese haha I know! But seriously, we are.

I will keep no secrets to what I do and what I have learnt, you will find I will share my mistakes, wins and anything I have done/do to hopefully help you grow and learn from them too.

I'm a huge believer in self-belief and self-development, there'll be lots of conversation, self discovery, discovering your limiting beliefs plus a short sound healing and guided affirmation journey to strengthen your subconscious into knowing you're capable of making your business dreams come true!